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March '09



Statement from Freeholder Alisa Cooper regarding 2009 Budget

Amodeo and Polistina host summit to revitalize casino industry

3-30-09 Darcy set  to endorse Small

3-26-09 Amodeo and Polistina endorse Christie

3-25-09 Atlantic City Update-Bob McDevitt's letter...

3-25-09 Senator Diane Allen comments on D'Arcy

3-25-09 Multi-partisan women comment D'Arcy

3-25-09 Local Leaders Endorse Christie

Photos Rich from Everywhere

Female leaders in the Atlantic County Republican Committee denounced a comment made by Atlantic County Democratic Chairman Pat D’Arcy

The Future of Environmental Policy: Can it be Bipartisan?

Freeholder Cooper will not seek Assembly Seat...

3-21-09 Chris Christie Meet-N-Greet

3-20-09 Amodeo-Polistina - Budget Battle against Corzine

Epilepsy support group meeting on 3-28-09

 3-18-09 Republican Freeholders demand stronger legislation to prevent future casino shutdowns

Donohue-Conrad call for 100 Day Tax Revolt

3-17-09 Ventnor budget update...

McDevitt Wants Stimulus Funds Invested to Enhance Emergency Evacuation Route

3-17-09 We mourn the passing of Legendary talk radio caller "Rich" Altomare

3-17-09 Langford vs. Small tie editorial

3-16-09 A.C. Dems tie...

Check out - Obama Adviser: U.S. Is in 'Economic War'

Atlantic County Dems will announce Freeholder slate on 3-19-09

Law Enforcement Explorer Academy April 13th thru April 17th, 2009

3-15-09 Four Atlantic City Republicans to Announce Candidacies

3-14-09 Galloway Twp. Councilman DiSimone will not be seeking re-election...

3-14-09 Stockton Basketball

3-13-09 Atlantic County Freeholders working to help those hit hard by the struggling economy

Cape May Republican Women Annual Lincoln Day Dinner photo album

Atlantic Care News Flash

Just say Whoa...

Scout for a Day Program

Devlin will formally announce...

Rockin' the Kitchen II

Freeholder Chairman Jim Curcio and Freeholder At-Large Frank Giordano set to run again

Small will declare candidacy for Mayor on 3-13-09

3-11-09 Just the Fax

Amodeo and Polistina host Tele-Town Hall Meeting on Budget

Harry's interview with Mayor Rudy Guiliani

David Tayoun Announcement

3-5-09 AC Assistant Superintendent suspended...

Atlantic County Democratic Party Chairman Pat Darcy has given the nod to John Devlin

Photos from Auto Plaza English 3-6-09

Different Presidents, A Different Corps

3-5-09 Donohue and Conrad call for end to COAH...

United Republican Club of EHT Candidate Forum on 3-5-09

A.C. Democratic Committee to hold Mayor Forum.

3-4-09 Enemies List

3-4-09 Conrad & Donohue announcement...

3-4-09 Audio press release from Amodeo &  Poliatina

3-4-09 Amodeo and Polistina plan to recharge the casino industry...

Joseph R. Hanko Memorial Golf Tournament

Atlantic County Sheriff- Promotions

David Tayoun Information

3-3-09 Members of Atlantic City Council served subpoenas...

$20 Bill - History Mystery

SJ Field of Dreams player registration

3-1-09 storm alert

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